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Extensive laboratory testing has shown that it's not the magnetic field strength, but the field gradient (steepness of the slope of the magnetic field) that is the determining factor in alleviating pain. This unique steep field gradient generated by the Quadrapolar array is what blocks the pain signal.

This is why the QuadraBloc™ Science is so effective when placed over the irritated nerve.

Over a decade of cell research was done at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville Tennessee and clinical data was collected at various Medical Centers and Universities around the world.

QuadraBloc™ Versus MagnaBloc™


The above graph depicts the steep field gradient effect demonstrated at Vanderbilt University to be essential for decreasing pain transduction at the neuron.Note that all devices depicted have a steep field gradient effect. The magnetic field depth of penetration and magnetic gradient effect of the Quadrabloc™ is DOUBLE the MagnaBloc™ effect used in our original basic science studies.


Independent research by other investigators has recently comfirmed the steep magnetic gradient effect as the critical determinant in reducing pain in an animal model. The gradient model developed by these indpendent investigators mimics the QuadraBloc™ steep field gradient.

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