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Extensive laboratory testing has shown that it's not the magnetic field strength, but the field gradient (steepness of the slope of the magnetic field) that is the determining factor in alleviating pain. This unique steep field gradient generated by the Quadrapolar array is what blocks the pain signal.

This is why the QuadraBloc™ Science is so effective when placed over the irritated nerve.

Over a decade of cell research was done at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville Tennessee and clinical data was collected at various Medical Centers and Universities around the world.


Gradient Technologies LLC, a Tennessee limited liability company, is the owner of the two basic patents for the myriad of wellness applications for the QuadraBloc™ (formally MagnaBloc™) technology. Gradient Technologies LLC, through its predecessor, Holcomb HealthCare Services LLC, licensed the QuadraBloc™ (formally MagnaBloc™) technology and trademark to Amway Corporation in 1998. Since that time Amway has sold several hundred million dollars of these devices in 40 countries around the world. The AmWay license terminated on April 30, 2008 so that all rights to make, market and sell MagnaBloc™ including patents, trademarks, copyrights,  and domain names reverted to Gradient Technologies LLC, the parent of Gradient Medical LLC. Patents are as follows: 6,991,594; 6,932,889; ,776,753; 6,741,889; 6,461,288; 6,280,376; 6,205,356; 6,042,531; 5,941,902; 5,312,321.

Studies show that QuadraBloc™ magnets have a strong physiologic effect on abnormally firing C-fiber nerves. C-fibers are unmyelinated nerves with slow conduction and are associated with the chronic, dull ache type of pain. QuadraBloc™ magnets are less effective at blocking action potentials on A[Delta] fiber nerves. A[Delta] fibers are myelinated nerves with fast conduction and are associated with sharp, acute pain. As such A[Delta] fibers carry the reflex action that results in pulling away from noxious stimuli.

This means that patients using QuadraBloc™ magnets are not at any greater risk of further injury due to performing more energetic tasks than they would normally undertake. Since the reflex action and the bodies natural warning signals are still operating.

Since QuadraBloc™ magnets work by blocking the pain signal, it is important to find where these signals originate and place them over the offending nerve(s). This is in contrast to the many theories on how to use single static magnets. Single static magnets are usually recommended to be placed on acupressure points or somewhere over the pain and are said to somehow reduce pain by increasing circulation and flushing away chemicals that are the cause of the abnormal nerve firing. The mechanism of action and effectiveness of single pole magnets is the subject of much debate.

QuadraBloc™ magnets offer a far more targeted and scientifically validated form of pain relief.

Used correctly, QuadraBloc™ magnets can provide strong pain relief without the side-effects. Since around one in five people suffer from chronic pain at some point in their life, the potential role these magnets can play in improving the quality of patient’s lives is enormous.

The possibilities to treat acute and chronic pain are endless.

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